The Era of Rapid Change

We live in an era of change.

Technology is growing and businesses are expanding at a faster rate than ever. We are asked to do more with less at a workplace today and constantly enhance our so-called “intangible skills”, or “soft skills.”

Are you looking to advance your business-relationships? Trying to attract more customers or hire high-potential talent? Do you know your strengths and areas for advancement?

Meet Anna Stevens of EQ for Success – The Emotional Intelligence Maven. Anna helps each of her clients reach their highest success, however they define it. Anna has over 17 years of personal development experience, and her proven system of uncovering, exploring and satisfying her clients’ needs is guaranteed to deliver results you desire.

Emotional Intelligence as the key competency for success…

EQ for Success, LLC is an Atlanta-based consulting, training and coaching company that offers private and public workshops, seminars, keynotes and other training and development solutions. We design and deliver training sessions that range from one hour to several days in length and are tailored to your specific training and development goals and needs. We also offer executive coaching, one-on-one and in small groups.

Our focus is Emotional Intelligence. You deal with your emotions on a regular basis, there is no way you can avoid them. Emotions can have either positive or negative impact on your behaviors and actions, which can either help you achieve your goals or destroy them.

We help you advance your 15 workplace competencies that determine performance and success.

With our diverse international background and creative, insightful and thought-provoking training solutions we work to engage, motivate and inspire our audiences, increase their productivity, improve relationships, and enhance performance.

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